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at the Titisee



Our wellness and spa area is shining in new splendour. After extensive renovations, the new wellness area at Brugger’s Hotelpark provides the perfect spot to relax on a cold day and regain your energy. Dive in and recharge your batteries.

Enjoy a first class recreational wellness experience. Feel your daily struggles slowly fading away as your body starts to transition into pure relaxation.



Arrive, unpack and just relax. At Brugger’s Hotelpark you will find an exceptional environment to recharge your batteries, perfect for a wellness vacation from your daily life.

Combine dreamy walks through breathtaking scenery and nature along the Lake Titisee, with your personalised wellness schedule for an unforgettably calming stay in the Black Forest.

We are looking forward to exceeding your expectations of relaxation!

Balm for body and soul

Balm for body and soul

Everyone knows the hectic pace and stress of everyday life. We know the counterbalance: take time out, let yourself be pampered. This is exactly what awaits our guests in the wellness and beauty area. Our treatments are based on high-quality products and expert hands. And they have only one goal: to conjure up a happy smile on your reflection.

Treat yourself to the luxury of a massage or a pampering treatment and recharge your batteries. Let yourself be whisked away from everyday life. Experience soothing calm and care in a pleasant atmosphere. For this we give our best!

Your Tijana Katanic

Massages and wellness treatments only by appointment: 0162-175 18 02
Or send mail to: deluxebeautyspa13@gmail.com . Tijana Katanic will be happy to call you back.


Facial treatments

Afrodita Superior

50 min. / 85,00 €

The ritual, starting with facial cleansing, continues with exfoliation, followed by an active serum, eye gel, and a nourishing mask. Enjoy a soothing hand massage, leaving you feeling relaxed and beautiful. Finally, we apply a light day cream. A wonderful experience for you!

Afrodita Beauty

80 min. / 115,00 €

special facial treatment for the rejuvenation of all skin types, including facial cleansing and a fantastic skin renewal effect. Ampoules and a special mask provide your skin with long-lasting vitality. Includes eyebrow correction.

Afrodita 24 Ka Gold

70 min. / 145,00 €

The Gold 24 Karat line stimulates the production of elastin and collagen in the skin. It helps strengthen the skin's protective function, and the introduction of active ingredients enhances its hydration, vitality, and elasticity. This facial cleansing ritual includes all the 24 Karat Gold products from the Afrodita line.

Afrodita Deluxe facial treatment with hand and foot massage

110 min. / 155,00 €

This treatment, suitable for all skin types, stimulates cell renewal. Through a thorough deep cleansing and the use of exfoliation, along with the addition of high-quality care, skin moisture is restored. Wrinkles are visibly reduced with an extra facial massage. This treatment also includes a hand and foot massage with a special treatment, as well as an eye treatment with eyebrow correction.

Mini facial care

40 min. / 70,00 €

Our mini facial treatment includes exfoliation, cleansing, a mini-special facial massage, and a suitable mask that provides you with a unique feeling of softness and vitality.


Additional services - eyelashes

Eyelash tinting

20,00 €

Eyelash Lifting „LA SH LIFT“

60,00 €

Eyelash extension 1:1

75,00 €

Additional services - eyebrows

Eyebrow tinting

15,00 €

yebrow correction

from 10,00 €

POWDER BRO WS (Permanent-Make-up)

300,00 €



Daytime makeup

20,00 €

Evening makeup

20,00 €


Hair removal / waxing

Upper lip

15,00 €


30,00 €


15,00 €

Lower legs

40,00 €

Full leg

60,00 €


Body Dream

Body Peeling

35 min. incl. shower time / 50,00 €

A full-body exfoliation that gives the skin an amazing sense of care and purity

Bodystyle full package

35 min. / 50,00 €

Experience the special sensation of pampering your entire body with body butter during this treatment

Body Mix

60 min. incl. shower time / 90,00 €

Nourish your skin with an exfoliation and a special body wrap. It stimulates circulation, providing a pleasant sensation of warmth.



Back massage

20 min. / 35,00 €

Back massage

30 min. / 45,00 €

Back massage

40 min. / 55,00 €

Full body massage with aromatic oil

50 min. / 85,00 €

Good morning massage

45 min. / 75,00 €

Anti-stress massage

70 min. / 99,00 €

Hot stone back massage

40 min. / 69,00 €

Hot stone full body massage

75 min. / 120,00 €

Leg and foot massage

25 min. / 45,00 €

Head, neck, and shoulder

25 min. / 45,00 €

Dry brushing massage

25 min. / 40,00 €


Exclusive pleasure combinations

Beauty treatment

70 min. / 115,00 €

Break Time

90 min. / 125,00 €

Business Woman

90 min. / 125,00 €

Harmony time

100 min. / 165,00 €

Black-Forrest Relaxion

190 min. / 274,00 €

Royal beauty

160 min. / 205,00 €



Give your feet attention. Over time, your feet cover many kilometers and deserve regular, high-quality care as well

Pedicure Long Version

55 min. / 65,00 €

Soaking and skin removal | Nail care, removal of ingrown nails | Foot massage

Pedicure Short Version

35 min. / 45,00 €

Skin removal (nails, calluses) | Nail care (shaping, polishing)

Nail painting

15,00 €

with high-quality nail polish



The classic manicure treatment is the most common form of manicure, suitable for all types of nails and cuticles. Your hands are pampered, and your nails are strengthened. Manicure helps maintain moisture and gives your hands a well-groomed appearance.

Classis Manicure

35 min. / 40,00 €

The treatment includes nail shaping, removal of excess skin with sterile tools, and nail and cuticle care. Nails are shaped according to their length and your personal preferences. During every classic manicure treatment, you also have the option to enhance your hands with one of the many nail polish colors.



Mans World Special

105 min. / 165,00 €

A special treatment for men - with aromatic lemon peel exfoliation (duration 35 minutes). To enhance your well-being, an exclusive back massage follows, with a combination of neck and shoulder massage (duration 30 minutes). Let yourself be surprised by this wonderful effect. Mini facial care: A special experience of softness and vitality (duration 40 minutes).

Perfect For A Woman

120 min. / 160,00 €

With this selected offer for ladies, every treatment begins in a relaxing atmosphere. Mini facial care (duration 40 minutes). While the face is being cleansed, we start with eyelash lifting 'LASH LIFT' (duration 50 minutes). This women's package includes eyebrow correction and eyebrow tinting (duration 20 minutes). Concluding hand care and hand massage (duration 10 minutes).


Harmony bath

Relieve yourself from stress and indulge in a soothing bath with aromatic oils. Treat yourself and your skin to complete relaxation

Bathtub »Relaxation«

30 min. / 40,00 €

Bathtub plus body peeling

50 min. / 70,00 €

Bathtub plus head and neck massage

50 min. / 80,00 €


Just let your soul unwind

Our wellness area offers
everything your heart desires

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