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Our Gourmet Kitchen

Hotelpark Restaurant

Dining with a view over the Titisee

Regional & Excellent

The three pillars of our cuisine are: the region, the season, and the taste. In our Hotelpark Restaurant you will experience culinary compositions of the Black Forest traditions in a modern interpretation. A delight for gourmets and an experience for the curious.

Have a look at our current restaurant specials, to experience our Hotelpark Restaurant in specially themed or priced arrangements.

Our Seeterrasse with a magnificent lake view is the perfect location for your birthday celebration or other festivities.

Start your day right at Brugger’s Hotelpark. Our breakfast buffet offers a variety of savoury, sweet, crunchy and fragrant delights.

Last order 20.30 p.m.


„Romantic dream“

Candlelight Dinner


Dinner / Half board

As part of half-board, we serve our guests a 4-course menu with a choice of meals.

Menuprice per person/day 48,-€

Half board reserve

Culinary Experience at the Titisee

Drinking and Dining in the Black Forest

Wine Lounge
Wine Lounge

Wine Lounge

Our Wine Lounge is a true gem in Brugger’s Hotelpark. Sit around the open fireplace built from 400 year old Black Forest millstones. A charming location to enjoy a specialty fondue with selected, regional wines. Enjoy a cosy evening with friends and colleagues, or make this a romantic night for two at the fireplace.

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200g Beef tenderloin | 48.- per person

200g Sliced beef | pork | chicken | noodles | 48.- p.p.

200g Sliced beef | pork | chicken | noodles | 48.- p.p.

selection of dips | Pickle cold dishes,6 | fried potato wedges | bread | salad

Extra order for meat service per 100 g | 16,00 € 
Lounge Bar
Lounge Bar

Lounge Bar

Our Lounge Bar will delight you with creations from our pâtisserie, refined pralinés and coffee specialties. In the evenings you can indulge yourself in classic and new cocktail creations accompanied by tapas and finger food. Beer connoisseurs can sit back and enjoy a freshly tapped Waldhaus beer, that one an award for the best beer worldwide. A perfect place for the lovers of bar culture.



Calmly sit back to read the newspaper, a good book or the latest news on Twitter. Meet friends or work partners for a conversation. Or celebrate your personal event with your favourite people. Brugger’s Café welcomes its guests with coffee specialties from around the globe and a daily selection of fine cakes and pastries from our hotel's confectioner.

Invite your loved ones to a special occasion and celebrate with your personal cake and coffee selection. These specialties can also be enjoyed outside of our hotel, we will cater your private event at home, wedding or corporate event. Please contact us to arrange a selection of cakes and pastries, that will be made by our pastry chef exactly to your needs.

Brugger’s Sawmill

Celebrate at the Titisee

The Brugger Sawmill is the oldest building at the Titisee. The saw was water-powered by the stream flowing from the Eisweiher into the Titisee. In 1956 Emil Brugger, one of the region’s pioneers, decided to expand the café business into a hotel with timber from his own sawmill.
For this endeavour the traditional, historic, water-powered saw was replaced by a diesel-powered model. The quality of the produced beams is beyond comparison and those beams still hold up the roof of our Hotelpark Restaurant.

Today Brugger’s Sawmill with its rustic look and historic charm is the perfect place to host your event or party with about 30 to 50 people.

Please consider that we have to add a surcharge for heating in the months between October and April.

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Hotel Brugger Titisee im Schwarzwald
Hotel Brugger Titisee im Schwarzwald


Dining with a view

Flooded with natural sunlight, a casual atmosphere and a fantastic panoramic view over the Titisee. In Brugger’s Orangerie you will be served traditional Black Forest cuisine and international culinary trends. A double experience for the eyes, when you look up from your plate you get to enjoy the vastness of the Black Forest and the tranquillity of the Titisee.

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Restaurant Menus

Culinary enjoyment

Hotelpark menu

Herb cream cheese mousse Smoked pork Tenderlion | Apple walnut chutney
Black Forest clear soup with pancake stripes
Veal fillet Wild mushrooms in cream | “Badische Knöpfle“ traditional homemade noodles
Iced Black Forest cherry Taco
Menu price 52,00 € (main course only 38,00 €)


Fried shrimp2,4,5 2 pcs. 15,00 € | 4 pcs. 22,00 € marinated wakame seaweed | Saffron taboules | tomato foam
Herb cream cheese mousse 14,00 € Smoked pork Tenderlion | Apple walnut chutney
Recommendation of the Day 14,00 € See our Dinner menu


Pumpkin soup 9,00 € Styrian pumpkin seed oil
Black Forest pancake soup 8,00 €
Green pea soup 12,00 € Parsleyroot Chutney | smoked shrimp | honey
Recommendation of the Day See of our Dinner menu


Fettuccine (pasta) 19,00 € Wild mushrooms in cream | broccoli | almond butter
Tarte 18,00 € red onions | stone mushrooms | Tomatoes
Recommendation of the Day See our Dinner menu


2 Black Forest trout fillets 26,00 € Almond butter | rice | lettuce
Zander fillet 29,00 € Beetroot jus | Sweet potato mash | Wild Broccoli
Recommendation of the Day See our Dinner menu


Sole is one of the finest fish in fine cuisine, popular because of its boneless, blossom-white flesh, with a delicate, nutty taste and yet with a bite.
Whole North Sea sole 48,00 € Herb Lemon Butter | La Rat Potatoes | colorful salads

Hotelpark kitchen

Black Forest venison ragout1 34,00 € Fried saddle of venison medallion | Baden Knöpfle | Cranberries
Veal fillet roasted pink 38,00 € Wild mushrooms in cream | Baden Knöpfle
Mixed filet tips1 29,00 € pepper sauce | Baden Knöpfle
Daily recommendation See our Dinner menu

US-Premium Beef

The delicate fine taste of US cattle that are fed with corn and cereals stands out clearly from the cattle from Europe, which are mostly only fed with grass. The fine fat marbling makes the meat juicy and tender.
Rump steak1,2 | 250 g gross weight 39,00 € with a small rim of fat | Sure Crisp Fries | herb butter | Burgundy jus | Fried Vegetables
For 2 or more people | price per person

M 200g | 48,00 €
L 300g | 60,00 €
XL 400g | 85,00 €
gross weight per person

béarnaise sauce | au gratin potatoes | fried vegetables

Fondue Kitchen

Note -   Exclusively served in our vinotheque
FONDUE BOURGUIGNONNE | OIL 48,00 € per person 200g Beef tenderloin
FONDUE CHINOISE | BROTH 48,00 € per person 200g Sliced beef | pork | chicken | noodles
FONDUE au VIN | RED WIN 48,00 € per person 200g Sliced beef | pork | chicken | noodles
SIDE DISHES MEAT FONDUE selection of dips | Pickle cold dishes2,6 | fried potato wedges | bread | salad1,2
Extra order for meat service per 100 g 16,00 €


Lemon sorbet 10,00 € Vodka
Chocolate-tart 10,00 € pear stew | Tonka bean mousse | Cassis Sorbet
Crème Brûlée 8,50 €
Hot raspberries Cup 10,00 € Vanilla ice cream | raspberries | raspberry brandy
100g Pralines 9,50 €
Daily recommendation From the evening menu
Cheese from the trolley 11,00 €
Regional brandies from the digestif trolley

Kennzeichnung Zusatzstoffe

1 mit Farbstoff | 2 mit Konservierungsstoff | 3 mit Nitrat | 4 mit Antioxidationsmittel | 5 mit Geschmacksverstärker| 6 geschwefelt | 7 geschwärzt
8 gewachst | 9 mit Süßungsmittel | 10 mit Phosphat | 11 coffeinhaltig

zur Information bei Lebensmittelunverträglichkeit.

Lebensmittel können allergieauslösende Substanzen enthalten.
Stoffe oder Erzeugnisse, die Allergien oder Unverträglichkeiten auslösen:
Glutenhaltiges Getreide, namentlich Weizen, Roggen, Gerste, Hafer, Dinkel,
Kamut oder Hybridstämme davon, sowie daraus hergestellte Erzeugnisse

  • Krebstiere und daraus gewonnene Erzeugnisse

  • Eier und daraus gewonnene Erzeugnisse

  • Fische und daraus gewonnene Erzeugnisse

  • Erdnüsse und daraus gewonnene Erzeugnisse

  • Sojabohnen und daraus gewonnene Erzeugnisse

  • Milch und daraus gewonnene Erzeugnisse (einschließlich Laktose)

  • Schalenfrüchte, namentlich Mandeln, Haselnüsse, Walnüsse, Kaschunüsse, Pecanüsse, Pistazien, Macadamia- oder Queenslandnüsse sowie daraus gewonnene Erzeugnisse

  • Sellerie und daraus gewonnene Erzeugnisse

  • Senf und daraus gewonnene Erzeugnisse

  • Sesamsamen und daraus gewonnene Erzeugnisse

  • Schwefeldioxid und Sulfite in Konzentrationen von mehr als 10mg/kg oder 10 mg/l

  • Lupinen und daraus gewonnene Erzeugnisse

  • Weichtiere und daraus gewonnene Erzeugnisse

Bitte wenden Sie sich bei Fragen der Speisenzubereitung unserer Gerichte vor Bestellung an unsere Servicemitarbeiter.
Wir unterstützen Sie gerne.

Kann in folgenden Speisen enthalten sein


Brot, Kuchen, Nudeln, Suppen, Soßen, Paniermehl, Panade, Wurstwaren, Kartoffelfertiggerichten, Backerbsen, Desserts, Schokolade, Schokoriegeln, Eis, Bier,…


Feinkostsalaten, Suppen, Soßen, Paella, Surimi, Würzmischungen, asiatischem Salz- und Knabbergebäck,…


Mayonnaise, Pfannkuchen, Omelette, Kuchen, Gebäck, Brot, Nudeln, Croutons, Frikadellen, Hackbraten, Produkten mit Teigmantel oder Panade, Kartoffel-Fertigprodukten, Feinkostsalaten, Pasteten, Quiches, Soßen, Dressings, Desserts, Wein, Likör, Ovomaltine,…


Kräckern, Soßen (z.B. Worcestersoße), Fonds, Würzpasten, Suppen, Surimi, Sardellenwurst, Brotaufstrichen, Feinkostsalaten, Pasteten, Labskaus, …


Margarine, Brot, Brötchen, Kuchen, Gebäck, Schokocreme, vegetarischen Brotaufstrichen, Müsli, Frühstücksflocken, Schokolade, Feinkostsalaten, Marinaden, Pommes frites, Eis, aromatisiertem Kaffee,…


Brot; Kuchen, Gebäck, Feinkostsalaten, Margarine, Schokocreme, vegetarischen Brotaufstrichen, Müsli, Schokolade, Keksen, Kaugummi, Soßen, Dressings, Marinaden, Mayonnaise, Eis, Fertiggerichten aller Art,…


Brot, Kuchen , Gebäck, Brüh-, Koch-, Roh-, Bratwurst, Feinkostsalaten, Margarine, Nuss-Nougat-Creme, Müsli, Schokolade, Aufläufen, Gratins, Kartoffelpüree, Kroketten, Pommes frites, Chips, Suppen, Soßen, Dressings, Marinaden, Desserts, Molken-, Frucht-, Instantdrinks,…


Brot, Kuchen, Gebäck, Brühwürsten, Rohwürsten, Pasteten, Feinkostsalaten, Joghurt, Käse, Nuss-Nougat-Creme, vegetarischen Aufstrichen, Müsli, Schokolade, Marzipan, Müsliriegeln, Keksen, Dressings, Curry, Pesto, Dressings, aromatisiertem Kaffee,…

Gewürzbrot, Wurst, Fleischerzeugnissen, Fleischzubereitungen, Kräuterkäse, Fertiggerichten, Feinkostsalaten, eingelegtem Gemüse, Suppengewürz, Brühen, Suppen, Eintöpfen, Soßen, Dressings, Essig, Marinaden, Gewürzmischungen, Curry, Chips,…


Fleischerzeugnissen, Fleischzubereitungen, Fertiggerichten, Feinkostsalaten, Suppen, Soßen, Dressings, Mayonnaise, Ketchup, eingelegtem Gemüse, Gewürzmischungen, Käse,…


Brot, Knäckebrot, süßem und salzigem Gebäck, Müsli, vegetarischen Gerichten, Falafel, Salaten, Humus, Feinkostsalaten, Marinaden, Desserts,…


Brot, Gebäck, Pizza, Nudeln, Snacks, fettreduzierten Fleischerzeugnissen, vegetarischen Produkten, glutenfreien Produkten, Desserts, milchfreiem Eierersatz, Kaffeeersatz, Flüssigwürze,…


(asiatischen) Würzpasten, Paella, Suppen, Soßen, Marinaden, Feinkostsalaten,…


Fruchtzubereitungen, Müsli, Brot, Fleischerzeugnissen, Fleischzubereitungen, Feinkostsalaten, Suppen, Soßen, Sauerkraut, Fruchtsaft, Chips, gesalzenem Trockenfisch,…

Meat Fondue | upon request until 5p.m.

Served in our vinothek at the Millstone chimney

Fondue Bourguignonne 42.00 € p.p. OIL | 200g Beef tenderloin
Fondue Chinoise 42.00 € p.p. BROTH | 200g Sliced beef | pork | chicken | noodles
Fondue au Vin 48.00 € p.p. RED WIN | 200g Sliced beef | pork | chicken | noodles
Side dishes meat fondue selection of dips | Pickle cold dishes | fried potato wedges | bread | salad
Extra order for meat service per 100 g 16,00 €

Cheese fondue | no advanced booked required

Swiss Cheese Fondue 28,00 € p.p.
Swiss Cheese Fondue „Royal“ 38.00 € p.p. 100g beef & turkey| | White bread | cold dishes |bacon cops | salad

Feiern & Events

Special Sawmill Buffet 48.00 € p.p.

Selection of salads

mit verschiedenen Dressing und Soßen, Schwarzwälder Bauernbrot

Warm Dishes

- Please choose two of the following main courses
Putengulasch mit Champignons
Geschmorte Kalbshaxe in Weizenbierjus
Spanferkelkeule mit Aromaten gebraten
Ganze Babypute und karamelisierte Maronen
Schwarzwälder Rehragoût | verfeinert mit dunkler Schokolade

Dazu servieren wir saisonale Beilagen.


Apfelstrudel mit Vanillesauce
Schwarzwälder im Glas


As guests of Brugger’s Hotelpark you will have your breakfast with a fantastic panoramic view over the Titisee. And on nice summer days you get to enjoy our sunny garden patio.

Breakfast at Brugger’s Hotelpark starts at 6.30 a.m.

The smell of freshly brewed coffee, bread rolls fresh out of the oven, flavourful tea specialties and fruits will welcome you to the buffet and get you in the best mood for your day.

Here you will find everything for a perfect start of the day. Quality, freshness and energy. Our various breakfast stations offer a range of homemade, regional and seasonal Black Forest breakfast delicacies.

Our Hotelpark chefs will freshly prepare your breakfast eggs to your liking. And with the hot waffle iron you can make your own delicious waffles. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our staff for vegan, vegetarian or lactose free options.

Our breakfast selection at the breakfast stations is adjusted to the fresh produce and specialty products of the season.
Ideally, you should notify us of any food intolerances before arrival.

Cold and hot drinks
  • We serve WESTHOFF coffee specialties for our coffee connoisseurs, or you can choose one of our coffee roasts from the Cafébar
  • Choose your favourite flavour from our assortment of high-quality teas
  • Black Forest milk
  • Chilled juices and mineral water
  • Sparkling champagne from the cooler
Kalte und heiße Getränke Bild Kalte und heiße Getränke Bild
Bread and rolls

Our baked goods are fresh out of the oven every morning

  • Rolls (milk buns | water rolls | various rolls with seeds)
  • Bread (rye | wheat | grains | sourdough | white)
  • Croissants (plain and filled)
  • Plaited Loaf
  • Homemade crispbread and rusk from the hotel pâtisserie
  • Toast
Kalte und heiße Getränke Bild Kalte und heiße Getränke Bild
Jam, confiture and honey
  • A wide range of regional confitures and jams from Faller-Konfitüren
  • Homemade confitures and jams from our master pastry chef
  • Whole honeycomb
  • Blossom, natural and wild honey from our honey dispensers
  • Breakfast spreads | Nutella
Kalte und heiße Getränke Bild Kalte und heiße Getränke Bild
Müsli, fruit
  • Homemade Birchermüsli
  • Yoghurt (fruit and natural), Quark (plain and with herbs), cottage cheese
  • Fresh fruit salad, fruit selection
  • Variety of müslis (chocolate and fruits), cornflakes and dried fruit (apricots and plums), and walnuts, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Kalte und heiße Getränke Bild Kalte und heiße Getränke Bild
Cheese, meat and fish
  • Selection of high-quality cold cuts (beef, turkey and pork)
  • Blood sausage and liver sausage
  • Soft and hard cheeses, herbal cheese and semi-hard cheese
  • Smoked salmon, pickled fish fillets, fish salads
  • Range of antipasti
Kalte und heiße Getränke Bild Kalte und heiße Getränke Bild
Warm dishes
  • Breakfast eggs (boiled)
  • Scrambled or fried eggs freshly prepared to your liking
  • Variety of sausages, bacon and grilled tomatoes
  • Breakfast waffles from the waffle iron with homemade berry compote, hot cherries, maple sirup or powdered sugar
Kalte und heiße Getränke Bild Kalte und heiße Getränke Bild